Thx so much for your thoughtfulness in responding so promptly and extensively on my inquiry. I am happy for ms. kresman’s success over the years, and am quite surprised at the going rate for her paintings. As mentioned, I originally purchased the piece while on vacation from sailing with a tanker company. Having been a deck officer on the ships, seascapes have always been my favorite subject. I can further remember that I had a thousand dollars in my pocket and was starting to negotiate to buy 5 or 6 kresmans from the gallery, when my wife to be, all of 20 yrs old at that time, suggested that since I had just started working, that maybe I should just buy 1 painting. Well, your news gives me the opportunity to rib her on her eye for art.

Patrick Thacker

c/o t.i. Chartering

…what I thought of the Kresman CD.

It’s terrific! I am pretty “left-brained,” but the format appealed to me very much. The design is extremely clever and most attractive. It was easy to navigate. The idea of using paintbrushes to access the different art themes (is that the right word?) was ingenuous.

I especially liked the “Ask the Artist” section where Ms. Kresman answered the questions. You were right: she is a lovely person – every bit as beautiful as her seascapes. She’s the kind of person I’d like to have as a friend.

If you can, please tell Ms. Kresman thank you for sharing her wonderful visions of the sea. Her paintings give me great joy and make me feel serene and rested. I am sincerely grateful to her.

Of course, now I have a real problem – I want an original painting! I’ll have to wait until my children are out of college, but it is definitely one of my goals now.

Thank you for sending me the CD.

I have already framed the 8×10’s – I’m looking for the perfect spot to hang them.


Carol L. Oliver, CPA
Senior Instructor
The Training Center

Dear Ms. Kresman:

painting_zuckermanI am enclosing a slide of your painting “Girl’s Best Friend” which we purchased in 1999 from Gallerie Adrienne in La Jolla. We were just in San Diego for a weekend in December 1998 and while strolling through galleries, saw three of your paintings as Gallerie Adrienne. Two were seascapes, and we liked them, but the girl and her dogs seemed very special to us.

We returned to Edmonton, and I continued thinking about the painting. In February, I called the gallery and had them ship it to me in Edmonton. It hung in my office until my husband’s birthday in May when I surprised him with your painting as a special present.

It now hangs in our dining room where we enjoy it every day. The quality of light and shadow in the painting is wonderful, and the dogs’ faces are beautifully portrayed.

Thank you for making such lovely art. I hope you will send us your CD.

Yours truly,

Carol Zuckerman

Edmonton, AB